Picking Roclayer Packaging Compounds is being in touch with a company in constant technological evolution, due to its investment in high-end technology in the state-of-the-art extrusion and printing technology.
Extrusion Coating

With a usable width of 1400 - 2700 mm, with the possibility of producing complexes with incorporation of polymers and biopolymers - paper, cardboard, films, mesh, aluminum; and application by extrusion of: LDPE, PP, HDPE, Biopolymers, EVA, EBA, EAA, MA in papers from 35 to 400 gr/m2.

Flexography Printing

High quality printing through flexography up to 8 colors, solvent and water based can print all kinds of polymers and papers using the latest technologies available.

Rewinding (Large and Small Format)

For large formats, the useful input width of 600 - 2700 mm allows a weight range from 35 gr/m² to 450 gr/m² on paper and board. Small formats are essentially geared towards films, papers and film/paper complexes.

Cut in formats

With respect to sheet cutting, the machine can respond to the full range of market sizes from 60 to 700 gr / m2 and sizes from 450 - 1600 mm, while also enabling synchronous cutting on printed paper.


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