Office Supplies Packaging Paper

Paper with good resistance that protects the product during handling and filling.

Food Industry Packaging Paper

A wide range of paper and cardboard products with appropriate barriers, guaranteeing food safety.

Frozen Food and Retail Packaging Paper

Polymer-coated cardboard for use in freezing processes.

Transport and Industrial Packaging Paper

We have a wide range of coated paper, creating the necessary barriers to protect the products.

Packaging Paper Solutions

The most advanced and sustainable technology tested in our own laboratory

Roclayer Packaging Compounds emerged from the search for a more advanced and environmentally friendly technology for packaging solutions, coated complexes and graphics.

Innovation and Sustainability in Commitment to the Environment

Roclayer is up to date with the most advanced and environmentally friendly technology for packaging solutions, adopting sustainable policies in the company’s daily practices.

Our values are based on

Quality, Innovation and Sustainability

Keeping up with the global market, Roclayer stands out for the quality of its products, its pioneering projects, innovating and promoting daily practices based on sustainability.

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