We Protect the Future


Our commitment

Packaging is the art of protecting


When someone opens a package, they are closing a long cycle. Until it reaches your hands, an object or piece of merchandise faces storage and transportation conditions that often pose serious risks.

To minimize these risks, packaging must be designed and produced with the necessary rigor to offer real protection to its contents.

To get a more concrete idea of the responsibility and value of packaging, just look at an egg.

This simple shape, at first glance, contains the most perfect and ingenious wrapping ever produced, guaranteeing the safety of its interior.

With this philosophy in mind, we seek to develop our products the same way. We create coating solutions for packaging that offer greater protection when handling and transporting products.

ROCLAYER helps protect packaging that reaches millions of consumers!

Our values

Our mission

Protection, Quality and Innovation

Our brand provides resources for the several types of industry, seeking to associate the needs of companies with the needs of the final client. From the paper industry to the foam industry, from the food market to our customers’ printing needs, Roclayer seeks to be part of the solution by protecting what matters.