What We Do

Our role in your business

At Roclayer we produce solutions for packaging, ensuring that they have greater resistance and protection.

Our coating solutions can be used in paper, foam, food and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

We tailor the materials we use to our clients’ needs, whether they are certified to be in direct contact with food, resistant to humid environments and grease and/or capable of heat welding.

In addition to coating, we also do cutting and flexographic printing.

We strive to produce in a sustainable way, with the possibility of using biodegradable and/or plastic-free coatings.



Polymers, biopolymers and aqueous dispersion



Reels with a maximum width of up to 2700 mm

Maximum width sheets 1600 mm



Paper from 35 g/m2 to 400 g/m2

Coating application from 8 g/m2 to 35 g/m2

Investing in Quality

Inovative Techniques

By using the best available techniques, we present innovative products in different application sectors.


With a working width of 1400 – 2700 mm, extrusion coating is a versatile process used in the production of complexes, by incorporating polymers and biopolymers in paper and cardboard-based products (35 to 400 gr/m2).


Application through extrusion of: LDPE, PP, HDPE, Biopolymers, EVA, EBA, EAA, MA. Laminations also allow us to join various substrates while maintaining their characteristics: Plastic films, Aluminum, Mesh.


High-quality flexographic printing in up to 8 colors, using solvent and water-based dispersions. It prints on all types of polymers and papers, using the most modern technologies available to date.


In large formats, there’s a working input width of 600 – 2700 mm and papers and cardboards can be used from 35 gr/m² to 450 gr/m². Small formats are essentially designed for films, papers and film/paper complexes.


As far as cutting is concerned, the equipment can handle the full range of formats on the market from 60 to 700 gr/m2 and sizes from 450 – 1600 mm, as well as synchronous cutting on printed paper.

ROCLAYER at the forefront of technology and the paper industry.